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One in six Albertans struggle with involuntary infertility. This is a medical condition that represents an emotionally devastating and unanticipated life event. Treatments, although often successful, are physically demanding and very expensive. To date our government and Alberta Health and Wellness have been unwilling to fund necessary fertility treatments.
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Generations of Hope is a non-profit organization devoted to helping couples struggling with infertility issues attain their dream of having a family.

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76% of Albertans surveyed agree that Alberta families deserve better. Ask your MLA where they stand on IVF funding.

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Did you know 1 in 6 Ontarians struggle with infertility? I'm one of them.

In Ontario, patients like me pay about $10,000 per treatment. In nearby Québec, treatments are funded under the provincial health plan. Guess which province is saving money today?

In fact, it's Québec. There public funding has not only improved patient access, it's reduced the rate of multiple pregnancies through IVF from 27.2% to just 5.2%. Since multiples tend to need expensive care after birth, Québec is on track to saving hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare costs. Ontario could save between $400 — $550 million by adopting a similar policy.

Given these facts, will you support OHIP coverage of IVF, if elected on October 6th?