Alberta Fertility Treatment Funding Petition

One in six Albertans struggle with involuntary infertility. This is a medical condition that represents an emotionally devastating and unanticipated life event. Treatments, although often successful, are physically demanding and very expensive. To date our government and Alberta Health and Wellness have been unwilling to fund necessary fertility treatments.

Funding of fertility treatments is necessary to make effective treatments available to all Albertans. In countries around the world that fund fertility treatments it has been proven that public funding actually saves money by reducing the incidence of complicated and expensive multiple pregnancies and improving medical outcomes for both the mother and the babies. Assisting Albertans is therefore not only the right thing to do but also it is the logical and smart thing to do.

The purpose of this petition is to inform our government of the importance of family and to demonstrate that Albertans support public funding. This will not only save money but also facilitate safer pregnancies and healthier babies when fertility treatments are required.

We would ask you to print and sign the petition to mail to us as this is the only official way in which we can present a petition to the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

Our petition is available to sign at the Regional Fertility Program clinic as well until August, 2012.

We encourage you to tell all of your friends and family who you believe would support this petition to sign as well. By all means, spread the word via Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for registering your support.

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